The Weise7 Incompatible Archive

Art catalogue and Internet Independent wireless server

Studio Weise7, 2013

weise7 book

The Weise7 in/compatible Laboratorium Archive is a record of the Weise7 Studio show for Labor Berlin 8, a series of workshops run at Weise7 and its own creation.

Unlike other books, this book acts as an Internet independent wireless server, running from a tiny, custom designed computer inside the book.

To start the server just open the book and connect to it wirelessly using your laptop, tablet or phone. Browse the contents in a park, library or while half way up a mountain, sharing the content with those in your vicinity. Inside can be found high resolution images of our exhibition, video, source code and texts about each of the works. To turn off the server, simply close the book..

The Weise7 in/compatible Laboratorium Archive was launched on March 9th at Labor Berlin at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, and was 5 months in development.


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