Max Miptex

Published: Wed 02 January 2013

Game based glitch machinima, 2001 (with Chad Chatterton)

This experiment is the result of a chance finding that a Hercules graphics card (popular at the time) could be run using the Nvidia GeForce II driver, producing interesting graphical outcomes when using 3D applications. After trying various games we found the 1st Person Shooter ‘Half-Life’ to give the most fortuitous results.

This video documents the outcome of these experiments.

Max Miptex 1
Max Miptex 2
Max Miptex 3
Max Miptex 4


10M Ogg/Theora (will play in VLC). It is free for redistribution under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

Exhibition History

Bus Gallery , Melbourne, Australia 2001