Anagram Series

Published: Thu 03 January 2013

Three Software Triptyches, 2006-2008

This page documents a series of non-interactive software works designed for continuous play on large plasma screens. Each of the works are intended as a ‘triptych in motion’ comprised of three panels within one display. The compositions evolve very slowly, intended such that if they are glanced at they will appear as a static image.

Anagram 3, Summer, Madrid 2008

Anagram 3 Anagram 3 (6.9M Linux executable binary)
Anagram 3 video documentation (28M, MPEG 4 video, 20min 10sec (1 loop))

Anagram 2, Winter, Berlin 2006

Anagram 2
Anagram 2 (6.7M Linux executable binary)
Anagram 2 video documentation (9.7M, MPEG 4 video, 13min 46sec (1 loop)

Anagram 1, Winter, Berlin 2006

Anagram 1
Anagram 1 (5.0M Linux executable binary)
Anagram 1 video documentation (9.4M, MPEG 4 video, 13min 46sec (1 loop)

Note on Software Binaries and Video

The software will execute on a modern 3D-capable GNU/Linux system and play continuously. Video documentation is available for those without access to a computer running Linux (below).

Please note that the compressed video documentation does not do well to represent the smooth playback or visual quality of the software: the video was produced using desktop screen-capture software, resulting in dropped frames. Also note that I chose not to use Ogg Theora due to the considerable problems Theora seems to have with incremental movement: pixels tend to get ‘stuck’ in clumps with this kind of content, resulting in uneven movement.

These triptyches were made with the Blender engine. In compliance with the GPL, here’s a link to the Blender source code.