ASUNDER, The Eternal Network, Transmediale Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

ASUNDER, Survival of the Fittest, Zum Verhältnis von Natur und Hightech in der zeitgenössischen Kunst, Kunstpalais, Erlangen

ASUNDER, How to make a Paradise, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt

ASUNDER, Shenzhen New Media Art Festival, China

ASUNDER, Digital Cartography as an Instrument of Knowledge, House of Electronic Arts (HEK), Basel

ASUNDER, You and AI: Through the Algorithmic Lens, Areos Park, Athens, Greece

Pink Cell Tower (commissioned), Skulpturen Park Berlin

ASUNDER, Fotograf Festival, National Museum of Agriculture, Prague

ASUNDER, There is no Planet B, Ars Electronica Museum, Linz, Austria

Electromagnetic Geographies (workshop on EM, radio, spectral politics, antenna building), Urban Dream Brokerage, Wellington

ASUNDER, La Biennale des arts numeriques Némo, Île-de-France

ASUNDER, Le Centquatre-Paris, Paris

ASUNDER (commissioned), UNCANNY VALUES: Artificial Intelligence and You, Vienna Biennale, MAK, Vienna

Panel on infrastructural activism, Interdependence, Manchester International Festival, UK

Network Energetics (streamed workshop series and lecture), NODE Festival, Frankfurt, Germany

Streamed lecture on infrastructural activism, MUTEK Festival, Montreal, Canada

Server Infrastructure for Global Rebellion (lecture), Chaos Communication Congress, Leipzig, Germany

Tactics & Practice #7: Critical Engineering (group show), Aksioma, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Vending Private Network, State Machines - Stateless, NeMe Art Center, Cyprus

Thinking/Acting in Alliance – First Steps towards a Digital Climate Agreement, HKW, Berlin

The Extinction Gong, Struer Tracks, Struer, Denmark

Vending Private Network, Filodrammatica Gallery, Drugo More, Rijeka, Hungary

HARVEST (commissioned new iteration), The Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea, Mississauga, Canada

Short lecture on data and society, Council of Europe, ZKM, Karlsruhe

Lecture on art, energy and the blockchain, DAOWO, Goethe Institute, London

Unintended Emissions (lecture), IMPAKT FESTIVAL, Utrecht

HARVEST, Commissioned by MUSEET I SKÖVDE, Sweden

The Extinction Gong, THE WORLD AS FOREST, CeNak Museum, Hamburg

Stealth Cell Tower, REALARTWAYS, CT, USA

TX:RX, RE:PUBLICA (lecture, demonstrations banned), Berlin

Spectrum and the City (lecture), STRELKA INSTITUTE, Moscow

Software Defined Radio Intensive, with Bengt Sjölen, CRITICAL ENGINEERING SUMMER SCHOOL 2017

NETworkshop, with Danja Vasiliev, CRITICAL ENGINEERING SUMMER SCHOOL 2017

Command Line Bootstrap, with Danja Vasiliev, CRITICAL ENGINEERING SUMMER SCHOOL 2017

Art of the Exploit (lecture), ADC Digital Experience, Düsseldorf

No Network, No Internet, No Point, exhibition at GO CANNY, Villa Arson, Nice, France

Behind So Many Machines, CRITICAL BOTS, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

Transparency Grenade, ESCAPING THE DIGITAL UNEASE, Kunsthaus Langenthal, Switzerland

The Orchid Project, Stuxnet: Binary Operations, Stealth Cell Tower, KÜNSTLERISCHE INTELLIGENZ, Vienna

Counter Surveillance Workshop, with Danja Vasiliev, Spektrum, Berlin

TX/RX lecture and three interventions in radio, POTENTIAL SPACES, HfG, Karlsruhe

Critical Exploits lecture at DESIGNTRANSFER, University of Art, Berlin

Newstweek at FRAMER FRAMED, FACT, Liverpool, UK

Julian Oliver retrospective (5 works), NUMERIC GAMES, Maison d’Ailleurs, Yverdon, Switzerland

Art of the Exploit, lecture, Cologne Academy of Media Art, Germany

Unintended Emissions, THE GLASS ROOM, New York (with Tactical Tech and Mozilla Foundation)

Solitary Confinement, DESIGN AND VIOLENCE, Science Gallery Dublin (co-produced with MoMA), Ireland

Newstweek, HYBRIDS, Athens (with Ars Electronica)

Wireless Forensics, three day workshop, Karlsruhe University of Art and Design, Germany

Selfhosted, 2 day Critical Engineering intensive, Studio Weise7, Berlin

NETworkshop, 3 day Critical Engineering intensive, Studio Weise7, Berlin

Introduction to Software Defined Radio, 3-day Critical Engineering intensive, Studio Weise 7, Berlin

Critical Exploits, lecture, Karlsruhe University of Art and Design, Germany

Wireless Forensics two day workshop Kassel University of Fine Art, Germany

Art of the Exploit, lecture, Kassel University of Fine Art, Germany

Browsing in Fog, lecture at finissage of INTERNET SUPERHIGHWAY, Whitechapel Gallery, London

Debut of No Internet and No Point at EX NIHILO, NIHIL FIT, Brussels

Transparency Grenade and No Network, SURVIVING THE GLASS SYSTEM, Hong Kong Arts Center

Wireless Forensics, intensive short workshop, NERVOUS SYSTEMS, HKW, Berlin

Newstweek, exhibition at NERVOUS SYSTEMS, HKW, Berlin

Vilém Flusser and the Arts, panel and presentation, AKADEMIE DER KÜNSTE, Berlin

The Black Book of Wireless, FACT, Liverpool, UK

Working the Stack: Exploits, Topologies, Ontologies, lecture at UC Berkeley, USA (co-presented with the Mellon Sawyer Seminar on Surveillance Democracies)

Counter Surveillance Workshop, 1 day workshop, UC Davis, USA

Networked Surveillance, 1 day workshop, UC Berkeley, USA

Transparency Grenade, Big Bang Data, Somerset House, London, UK

Point, Line, Node, Route: Centers and their Non-existence, lecture at Manufacturing Transparency conference, UC Berkeley, USA

TX/RX, Long lecture and intervention on topic of critical radio studies, MUMA museum, Melbourne, Australia

Transparency Grenade, exhibited at SECRET, Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

Wireless Forensics, 1 day workshop, MUTEK_IMG, Montreal, Canada

Unintended Emissions, exhibited at MUTEK_IMG, Montreal, Canada

Critical Exploits, Keynote lecture ISMAR, Fukuoka, Japan

Transparency Grenade and No Network exhibited at ISMAR, Fukuoka, Japan

The Snowden Templates, exhibited in show NETWORKED DISRUPTION, Ljubljana, Slovenia

No Network (exhibited) and panel, Athens Digital Art Festival, Athens, Greece

Cyborg Unplug, exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum as part of WAYS TO BE SECRET, UK

The Crystal Line, exhibition of commission by Phoenix and The Cutting Room, Phoenix, UK

The Deep Sweep, 11 day project residency at Centre for Creative Inquiry (Andy Warhol Foundation), CMU, Pittsburgh

NETworkshop, 4 day workshop intensive, Knowlton School of Architecture, Columbus, Ohio

Critical Exploits, Lecture at Knowlton School of Architecture, Columbus, Ohio

COVER ME: Online exhibition at LINK CABINET, Link Art Center

Working the Stack: Exploits, Topologies, Ontologies, lecture at THE INFLUENCERS, Barcelona

Network as Material, 3 day intensive workshop for THE INFLUENCERS, Barcelona

Working the Stack: Exploits, Topologies, Ontologies, lecture at BAUHAUS UNIVERSITY, Weimar

Transparency Grenade, exhibition at DISNOVATE, Pau, France

Working the Stack(short version), streamed lecture for DISNOVATE conference, Pau, France

Newstweek, exhibition SCHWINDEL DER WIRKLICHKEIT, Akademie Der Künste, Berlin

Men In Grey, exhibition SCHWINDEL DER WIRKLICHKEIT, Akademie Der Künste, Berlin

No Network, exhibition THE NEW SUBLIME, Pheonix Gallery, Brighton

Newstweek, solo show, Lighthouse, Brighton

NETworkshop, 3 day intensive, Amsterdam

levelHead at INTERACTIVOS, MAC, Birmingham, UK

Critical Computing workshop, 2 week intensive, Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

Lecture on recent work, PRINT SCREEN FESTIVAL, Tel Aviv, Israel

Network as Material, 3 day intensive workshop, PRINT SCREEN FESTIVAL, Tel Aviv, Israel

Lecture on Critical Enginering and recent work, DATADRAMA, Princeton UNI, Princeton NJ

Counter Surveillance Workshop, 1 day intensive at DATADRAMA, Princeton UNI, Princeton NJ

NETworkshop, 4 day intensive at iMAL, Brussels

NETworkshop, 5 day intensive at the ITU, Copenhagen

NETworkshop Seminar, day long seminar at ART UNDER MASS SURVEILLANCE, Zurich

Critical Exploits, lecture at ART UNDER MASS SURVEILLANCE, Zurich

PRISM: The Beacon Frame, TRANSMEDIALE 2014, Berlin

Critical Exploits, lecture at CRITICAL EXPLOITS, Lighthouse Brighton

An Introduction to Critical Engineering, lecture at 30TH CHAOS COMPUTER CLUB CONGRESS, Hamburg

Art of the Exploit, lecture at APREM13, La Fabrique, Hainaut, Belgium

NETworkshop, 2 day intensive at ABANDON NORMAL DEVICES 2013, Liverpool

PRISM: The Beacon Frame, project development and exhibition, ARTHACKDAY Berlin

Art of the Exploit, lecture at RETUNE Festival, Berlin

Lecture at LUDIC OVERKILL, Transmediale reSource006, Berlin

psWorld at T.E.A. SUPERCONNECT, National Museum of Taiwan, Taichung, Taiwan

Newstweek at ALHÓNDIGA Bilbao, Bilbao, Basque Country

Transparency Grenade at NETWORKED ART FORMS exhibition, Cast Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania

NETworkshop at NETWORKED ART FORMS festival, Hobart, Tasmania

Urban Exploits, keynote lecture at MEDIA CITIES 2, Athens, Greece

Covert Computing Workshop at DATENSPIEL, Athens, Greece

BorderBumping project Lecture at MEDIACITIES, Buffalo, New York State

BorderBumping exhibit at MEDIACITIES, Buffalo, New York State

NETworkshop, NETWERK DEMOKRATIE, Waag Society, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Solitary Confinement at NODE FORUM, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt

Remote Install at NODE FORUM, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt

The Ideology of Seamlessness, lecture at NODE SYMPOSIUM, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt

5 day networking workshop, WINTERAKADEMIE, Teatre am Parkaue, Berlin

ioq3aPaint at TRANSMEDIALE 2013, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Compromising Emissions: Your Smartphone and Them, lecture at GRONINGERFORUM, Groningen, NL


Newstweek at L’ESPACE VIRTUEL, Jeu de Paume, Paris

Rethinking the Commons in an Age of Wireless Communication, lecture at OPEN STRATEGIES SUMMIT, Berlin

Jail Breaks, lecture at PUSH CONFERENCE, Munich

Transparency Grenade PLATOON, Berlin

Transparency Grenade at the TRANSNATURAL FESTIVAL, NEMO Museum, Amsterdam

BorderBumping, travelling installation commissioned by the ABANDON NORMAL DEVICES FESTIVAL, multiple U.K sites

Transparency Grenade at the CORCORAN GALLERY, Washington DC.

NETworkshop (5 day intensive) taught with Danja Vasiliev at CTVR for OPENHERE, Dublin

Newstweek at HACK THE CITY, Science Gallery, Dublin

The Artvertiser at Hack The City, Science Gallery, Dublin

Critical Engineering in the Closed World, keynote lecture at EYEO FESTIVAL, Minneapolis.

The Network as Material, workshop ISLANDCQ, Irbene, Latvia.

Critical Engineering and Network Control Topologies, lecture ISLANDCQ, Irbene, Latvia.

Critical Engineering and Open Design, OPEN DESIGN SYMPOSIUM, Linz.

NETworkshop intensive with Danja Vasiliev, at PROTOTYPING FUTURES, Rotterdam.

Augmented Reality and Society, lecture and panel presentation DEAF FESTIVAL, Rotterdam.

Introduction to Critical Engineering, lecture (with Danja Vasiliev), PROTOTYPING FUTURES, Rotterdam.

Introduction to Critical Engineering, MEDIA SPACE SYMPOSIUM, Stuttgart.

The Transparency Grenade at FARAWAY, SO CLOSE, (curated by NODE Berlin), GrimMuseum, Berlin

Newstweek at AKSIOMA GALLERY, Ljubljana

Newstweek at OUT OF CONTROL, 1 year exhibition at the Ars Electronica Center

Human to Human Computer Interface, commissioned piece for PLAYTIME, Maison d’Ailleurs, Yverdon

levelHead at PLAYTIME, Maison d’Ailleurs, Yverdon

Transparency Grenade and Foehnseher at WEISE7 STUDIO EXHIBITION, LABOR BERLIN, Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

Urban Exploits: The City as Game Development Kit, Five day intensive taught at HEAD Design academy, Geneva

Exhibition of psworld and lecture on Critical Engineering, Techno Ecologies festival, Riga, Latvia

Improving Reality (lecture), Digital Brighton Festival, Brighton

Artvertiser at Todays Art festival, The Hague (presented by Arturo Castro)

Artvertiser at Coded Cultures, Vienna (presented by Damian Stewart)

psworld at Second Nature, ISEA, Istanbul (curated by Ian Clothier)

Newstweek, Prix Ars Electronica Award Exhibition, OK Centrum, Linz, Austria

NETworkshop (with Danja Vasiliev), 2-day workshop on computer networking and politics of global and local network topologies, Lima, Peru

Reality Talk Show, stage interview and panel, Game Culture Circle, A-MAZE Fest, Berlin

Data’s Dark Matter, lecture, Subtle Technologies Festival, Toronto

Network as Material, intensive workshop, Subtle Technologies Festival, Toronto

Exhibition of M.I.G Aksioma gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Artvertiser Helsinki, workshop and street exhibition.

Newstweek, Electronic Village Galleries, Cornwall.

levelHead at Winzavod, Moscow.

levelHead, DATAPOLIS, Prague.

levelHead at Fete ‘l Animation, Lille.

Men in Grey, Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan

psworld at ARCO (VIDA 13.0 award exhibition), Madrid.

Improved Reality lecture, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

psworld at ‘moddr_*’, iMAL, Brussels (curated by moddr_).

ioq3aPaint at ‘Virtual Rebellion’, KOP, Breda, Netherlands.

The Artvertiser, Beeldfestival (augmented street exhibition and talk), Rotterdam

Improved Reality, lecture, Migrating Art Academies conference, C.H.B, Berlin.

The Artvertiser, Media Facades Festival Europe 2010 (workshop and augmented street exhibition), Brussels

The Artvertiser, ‘Stadt am Rande’, Goethe Institut, Beijing

levelHead at The Lighthouse, Brighton

levelHead at Space Invaders, Netherlands Institut voor Mediakunst, Amsterdam

M.I.G at Worm Space, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna

Improved Reality, paper and presentation, TEDx, Rotterdam

The Great Augmented Goldrush: a Reality-check for Artists’. Presentation, V2, Rotterdam

ioq3aPaint at 26th edition of ‘Art Amsterdam’, Amsterdam

Six Composite Acts, MMX Gallery, Berlin

The Artvertiser (at the Murcia stand), ARCO, Madrid

The New Arena Paintings (solo show), Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee, Scotland

The Artvertiser at Transmediale 2010, Berlin

The Not So Brief History of Sound Based Games. artist talk, A-MAZE Festival, Berlin

levelHead at Space Invaders, FACT, Liverpool, U.K

levelHead at Over The Game, Zemos98, Seville, Spain

The Atocha 24 Insertions, HAMBRE (group show) Madrid

levelHead at TWEAKFEST, Zurich, Switzerland

levelHead, Award and exhibition, LAVAL VIRTUAL, Laval, France.

levelHead at Art Rock festival, St Brieuc, France

The Artvertiser workshop, Cartagena, Spain

Composite City, Paper presentation, See Festival, Wiesbaden, Germany

levelHead at Mois Multi, Quebec City, Canada.

levelHead at the Japan Media Art Festival, National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan

levelHead at the Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria (opening exhibition of new center).

Trapped Rocket II at Dadamachinima Exhibition (curated by, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Fijuu2 at DING»DONG, Liverpool, U.K.

levelHead at MAKEART, Poitiers, France.

levelHead at Cinekid, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Optical Illusion Art as Radical Interface: Paper presentation at Light, Space and Perception series, Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Spain.

levelHead at GameCity, Nottingham, U.K

Exhibition of 3 works and guest panelist at The Circle 08, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Cartofictions: Maps the Imaginary and Geo-strategic Engineering. Paper presentation, Zagreb, Croatia

levelHead at Split International Film Festival, Split, Croatia

levelHead at Ars Electronica (award and exhibition) O.K Centre, Linz, Austria

levelHead at FILE08, Sao Paulo, Brasil

levelHead at ‘Future Past Cinema’, Sonarmatica08, Sonar, Barcelona, Spain.

levelHead at <>TAG exhibition, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Augmented Reality Games workshop (3 days) and related talk. Mediamatic, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

levelHead at Feria de las Ciencias, Madrid, Spain.

levelHead at Homo Ludens Ludens, Laboral, Gijon, Spain (5 months exhibit).

Optical Illusion Art as Radical Interface, Paper presentation at Homo Ludens Ludens, Gijon, Spain.

Two weeks teaching at Inclusiva-net Madrid, Spain

Cartofictions: Maps the Imaginary and Geo-strategic Engineering. Paper presentation at Inclusiva-net Madrid, Spain

Fijuu2 exhibited at ‘Games:AV’ London Games Festival, London, U.K

Fijuu2 exhibited at ‘Kiblix’, Maribor, Slovenia.

Unprepared Architecture (with Simone Jones) exhibited at ‘TestBed’, Nuit Blanche, Toronto, Canada.

Fijuu2 exhibited at ‘Indiecade’, E3 Game Expo, Santa Monica, America.

Artistic Game Development: Tools, Techniques and Trends, Workshop and lecture Transistor 07, CIANT, Prague, Czech Republic.

Introduction to Modding and Rapid Game Prototyping, 20 hour workshop at The Laboral, Gijon, Spain.

Exhibition of Unprepared Architecture at ‘Interactivos’, MediaLabMadrid, Madrid, Spain. Collaboration wih Simone Jones.

Rapid Game Prototyping with Blender and Python 40 hour intensive workshop given at the Technical University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Second Person Shooter (2 Player version), ‘Gameworld’ at the Laboral, Gijon, Spain

Fijuu2, ‘Late at the Tate’, Tate Britain, London, U.K

Exhibition of new work ioq3aPaint, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, America

Artist in Residence, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, America

Presentation of Packet Garden (commissioned), Arnolfini, Bristol, U.K

ART+GAME, Brussels, Belgium. Gave 40 hour intensive on artistic game development using Python and Blender.

ART+GAME, Brussels, Belgium. Fijuu2 exhibited.

Bzoom06, Brno, Czech Republic. Fijuu2 exhibited.

‘Gaming Realities’, Mediaterra06, Athens, Greece. Keynote paper presentation and exhibition of Fijuu2.

GYOML, Folly, United Kingdon. Lecture and one day workshop on artistic game development using Blender.

tranISTor, CIANT, Prague, Czech Republic. Lecture and one day workshop on artistic game development using Blender.

‘Digital Showcase 37’ Austin Museum of Digital Art, Texas, America. Installation of Qthoth.

Game/Play, HTTP Gallery, London, U.K. Second Person Shooter prototype on exhbition. Curated by Furtherfield.

CyberSonica06, London, UK. 2 Week installation of commissioned work Fijuu2.

Lovebytes2006, Sheffield, UK. 4 week installation of bot driven piece Q3APD.

Lovebytes2006, Sheffield, UK. Workshop - Introduction to Blender.

AVFestival 06, Middlesborough, UK. Workshop - 30hour, 5day intensive on game development.

Show Some Emotion, CodeWorks, MiddlesBorough, UK. Presentation on topic of Frustration and Relief in the Gaming Experience

International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Paper on Documentary and Political Games.

Mladinski Center, Krsko, Slovenia. Fijuu presentation and performance

Artist in Residence, Technical University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Technical University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 1month, 120hour workshop intensive on open-source game development.

Artist in Residence, Access Space, Sheffield, UK.

Access Space, Sheffield, UK. Introduction to Blender.

Transmediale, Berlin, Germany. Honourary Mention Award for piece Fijuu.

D.I.G.R.A, Vancouver, Canada Installation of Escape From Woomera at ‘P.O.V’ exhibition.

PIKSEL2004, Bergen, Norway. Performance and presentation of game based performance system, Fijuu

ALT-CTRL, California, America. Installation of game based performance system, fijuu

SAGASNET, Munich, Germany. Paper on Documentary Games.

Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival, Switzerland. Presentation of computer graphics technology developed in fijuu

Sonar2004, Barcelona, Spain. Paper and Concert performance of game based performance system, fijuu

International Film Festival Rotterdam Presentation and exhibition of EFW project.

Two week intensive workshop in Blender and Pure Data, ‘Nadine’, Belgium.

TRANSFIGURE, Melbourne, Australia. Installation of Commissioned game ACMIPARK

D.I.G.R.A,Utrecht. Presentation of ACMI Commissioned work, acmipark at DIGRA Conference.

Art Futura, Barcelona Spain. Guest Panelist and Paper Presentation in Pixel City'.

re:Play, Cape Town, South Africa. Presentation of Escape From Woomera project. Curated by Adam Hyde and Honor Harger.

Plaything, Sydney. Presentation of game-based performance engine, Qthoth at dLux Media Arts.

Open Source Game Development Symposium, Copenhagen. Paper presentation and panelist.

Next Five Minutes, Amsterdam. Paper presentation and panelist for the Escape From Woomera project.

user_mode, Tate Modern London. Paper, panel and survey of work by game art collective selectparks.

Digital Arts and Culture Conference, Melbourne. Paper presentation, D.I.E.

Synaesthesia World Tour. 13 performances of game-driven electro-acoustics, EU, US, Japan.

L’oading, Sicily, Italy. – exhibition of game Qthoth, Curated by Valentina Tanni.

Digital Media, American Museum of The Moving Image, New York, USA. Exhibition of Qthoth

Trigger, eSpace, Melbourne. Curated by Rebecca Cannon.

Variable Resistance, SFMOMA, San Francisco, USA. Exhbition of sound art piece Fast Core Routines

P~lot, tx00m (FOAM) presentations and workshops, Groznjan [Croatia], Amsterdam, Brussels.

CGDC Tampere, Finland. Paper presentation of The Similar Eye

Re:Con, Zagreb. Game Qthoth HDLU Gallery, curated by Honor Harger, Zagreb, Croatia.

Bus Gallery, Melbourne. Glitch Machinima Max Miptex, collaboration with Chad Chatterton. Game-hack VJ and composition project.

WAVEFORM, Australian Computer Music Association WAVEFORM 2001, UNWS. 6 Channel dispersion of Fast Core Routines

Impermanent Audio, Sydney. Perfomance of Fast Core Routines.

Applications for Computer Gaming Engines in Architecture and The Fine Arts Interactive Information Institute, R.M.I.T, Melbourne. Paper Presentation.

COSIGN2001, CWI, Amsterdam. Paper presentation of Polygon Destinies

Harmonia, West Space Gallery, Melbourne. Collaboration with Chad Chatterton, curated by Brett Jones and Ryszard Dabek

Final Fantasies, 200 Gertrude Street Gallery, Melbourne. Group Show curated by Chad Chatterton,

PCAS/ACAS Conference, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Presentation of game design research paper Polygon Destinies: Body, Self and Sense of Place

Sonic Residues, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Presentation of audio dispersion piece, Fieldwork

Emulations, Westspace, Melbourne. Performance and CD release of new work,

Plant Syntax, Melbourne. Performance and CD release of work, Topographical Amnesia.

Null Point Parallax, Melbourne - with Simon Giddings and Jason Paterson, Writings on the Body, George Patton Gallery, Melbourne.

Parler2000 Galerie Inc, Melbourne. Observation Deck Curated by Rachael Tempest,

Hard Listening Series, The Musicians Club, Melbourne. Performance of Cardiometronome.

The Project Space, Melbourne. Presentation of Quictime VR Inexplore (developed with Evan Harridge)

Plant Syntax, Melbourne., presentation of work at Amperecights.

Adelaide Festival, Adelaide. Foldback.

Artspace - Auckland, NZ. BPM at series Relay,

The Performance Space, Sydney. BPM [transduced] at OPEN, Curated Julianne Pierce (music made with heart beats of four performers - amplified stethoscopes and oscilloscope)

Artspace, Auckland, NZ. Sermon at series Relay,

Artspace, Auckland, NZ. Scarab at series Relay,

Artspace, Auckland, NZ. Stelarc’s Ping Body (technical assistant).

Artspace, Auckland, NZ. Air to Live (with Peter Kirk), short wave radio noise art performance, at series Relay,